As a former Municipal Councillor in two communities in the CRD, I have known Gary Nason in his roles of CAO and Interim CAO. Gary has exceptional leadership, human resources’ and local government experience, and provides the kind of solid advice to municipalities that makes a positive difference to their overall performance. Gary is a pleasure to work with, provides consistent support to individuals and groups, and is particularly skilled at bringing people together to problem solve. His knowledge of and expertise in local government are extensive. Gary is straightforward and clear in providing professional advice and guidance and adept at addressing conflict and achieving consensus. I highly recommend Gary Nason.

Cairine Green
former Municipal Councillor, CRD (two communities)

“Jerry Berry is one of the smartest and most creative speakers I’ve ever seen on a stage. He knows how to keep the attention of the audience with his leadership skills. He presented in a manner that was both humourous and entertaining, while still getting his message across to the entire audience. I got incredible feedback from many participants about how inspired they are to transfer what they learned in his session into their professions as Chief Administrative Officers across the country. He would be a huge asset to any group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-kind speaker.”

Jennifer Goodine
Executive Director, CAMA

“Jerry is one of the most talented local government professionals I have ever worked with. His professionalism, expertise, intelligence and humour make him an exemplary presenter and facilitator and his experience and knowledge working in a local government setting both as a practitioner and as a teacher provides Jerry with a unique insight. I would have no hesitation recommending Jerry for any consulting assignment.”

Carol Mason
Commissioner and CAO, Metro Vancouver

Gary Nason’s leadership, skills and experience in local government are exemplary.
As a newly elected Mayor, leading first time Councillors, it was Mr. Nason who advised and guided our Strategic Planning process. The resulting Vision and Goals have remained relatively intact and provided sustainable direction in Central Saanich for the past 15 years.
I highly endorse Mr. Nason’s experience and skills in all areas of local government.

Wayne Hunter
Former Mayor, Municipality of Central Saanich

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