What sets JB Consultants apart?

Why you over the competition? What “added value” do you bring to the table as consultants?

JB Consultants are more than just educators, academics or theorists. We are also experienced practitioners with years of “in the field” operational experience exclusively in BC local government. We can offer both higher level governance and strategic advice, as well as broad administrative and financial experience applied to a range of complex problems and specific operational files.

We have an extensive range of contacts in BC local government, including at the senior Provincial Ministry and Crown Corporation levels. Mr. Berry, in particular, is well known throughout the BC local government elected official and staff communities.

We have over one hundred years of combined service in BC local government, including over fifty years at the Chief Administrative Officer level.

We are both academically (at the public administration graduate degree level) and practically trained to apply our knowledge and skills to current, real life problems and challenges facing BC local governments. Because several of our Associates have had extensive working careers in smaller BC local governments, we have the depth of experience of having had to “do it ourselves”, with oftentimes extremely limited external and financial resources. We feel we are a step ahead of the competition in intuitively knowing what is realistically needed, and the ability to be responsive, tailored and adaptable to local situations (“no overkill”; ”cut the suit to fit the cloth”).

In various capacities we have all worked together in our previous local government careers. We are continuing to do this work because we want to, not because we have to. Senior personnel are involved in all aspects of a particular file – there is no delegation to “junior associates.”

We are extremely cost and price competitive compared to the competition. We do not have expensive overheads, or charge unnecessary administrative expenses and production costs, as is the case with many other consulting firms. We are a small boutique Vancouver Island based consulting firm.

Jerry often works in association with others in order to provide clients with the highest quality team advice and service. Jerry is proud to work with several trusted independent consultants specializing in related areas of practice, as required.

Disclaimer: “Associates” are not employees of Jerry Berry Consultants Inc.; but independent consultants in their own right, who come together intermittently from time to time to form a working relationship,  when considered appropriate, for specific tasks, projects and client needs.