Experience, Integrity and Value

JB Consultants are more than just educators, academics or theorists. You may already know us from the specialized work we do in the areas of local community governance, strategic planning, and organizational behavior. We are also, however, experienced practitioners with years of “in the field” operational experience exclusively in BC local government. We can offer both higher level governance and strategic advice, as well as broad administrative, human resources and financial experience applied to a range of complex problems and specific operational files. Our team know the business at the ground level, and because we have “lived the life”; we bring added value to the table.

Five Reasons to Consider JB Consultants

  1. We have consulted on diverse general management and human resources projects Рstrategic planning, conflict resolution, performance management, executive search, coaching and mentoring of senior staff, HR matters (job evaluation reviews, labour relations advising, policy reviews, employee relations training).
  2. Two of our associates have acted as technical advisors to the Auditor General for Local Government by providing subject matter/content advice for their HR risk assessment audits of selected smaller local governments in BC. We understand the expectations and priorities.
  3. Combined, we have decades of operational experience working in the small to medium size municipal sector in British Columbia. We are seasoned specialists in the field.
  4. You will find that we are extremely cost and price competitive, with the ability to deliver appropriately scaled products suitable for smaller local governments. We appreciate, from first-hand experience, that “one size does not fit all”
  5. We are a small boutique consulting firm which has the resource capacity and flexibility to complete assignments quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our Services

  • Council/Board Orientation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Review
  • Council/Staff Relations
  • Executive Performance Reviews
  • Career Transition
  • Executive Search
  • HR Policy Development
  • Core HR Functions
    • Job Descriptions
    • Selection
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Job Evaluation
  • Salary/Compensation Reviews